Paper Presentations

Sl  No Title of Paper Conference Level


1 Tumour evolution in neurofibromatosis type II and its management: Two decades follow-up. NSICON 2017 National 03/12/2017
2 A prospective study on role of triple assessment in evaluation of breast diseases. ASIMANICON


State 08/10/2016
3 A prospective study on management of retained foley’s catheter due to non-deflating catheter balloon. AMAMECON 2015 State 12/12/2015
4 A hospital based cross-sectional study of risk factors for breast cancer. IAAHCON 2015 National 14/03/2015
5 Abdominal cerebrospinal fluid pseudocyst following ventriculo-peritoneal shunt surgery: A case report and review of literature. ASI North East Zonal CME 2015 Zonal 08/03/2015
6 Spontaneous perforation of jejunal gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) presenting with multiple intraperitoneal abscess cavities: A case report and review of literature. North East Gastro Meet 2015 Zonal 31/01/2015
7 Removal of tracheobronchial foreign bodies using flexible bronchoscopy – A retrospective, analytical study. AMAMECON 2014 State 14/12/2014
8 Prevention of Medical Errors in Surgical Department. ASIMANICON


State 11/10/2014


Poster Presentations

Sl  No

Title of Poster Conference Level


1 Surgically Managed Pituitary Lesions – A Retrospective Study. NSICON 2017 National 01/12/2017
2 Retrolabyrinthine facial nerve schwannoma – A case report and review of literature. ANEICON 2017 Zonal 11/11/2017
3 Chronic pancreatitis with pancreatic duct calculi in a patient with Caroli’s disease – A case report. ASIMANICON 2016 State 09/10/2016
4 Role of endoscopic procedures for removal of foreign bodies from gastrointestinal tract – A prospective, descriptive study. IAGES 2016 National 22/04/2016
5 Seminoma of solitary testis: A case report and review of literature. MESOCON 2016 State 19/03/2016
6 Papillary carcinoma of thyroid in Graves’ disease – Surgeons’ dilemma. AONEI 2016 Zonal 20/02/2016
7 Wilm’s tumour masquerading as Grade IV Renal Trauma: A case report. AMAMECON 2015 State 12/12/2015
8 A case of bullet injury to right external iliac vein and review of literature. MESOCON 2015 State 28/03/2015
9 Health hazards of tobacco smoking: A surgeon’s perspectives. IAAHCON 2015 National 15/03/2015
10 Prevention of occupational hazards: A surgeon’s perspectives. ASI North East Zonal CME 2015 Zonal 08/03/2015
11 A retrospective, comparative study of ureteric stent registry systems and review of hospital policy to minimize incidence of forgotten stents. SGPGI URO MEET


National 26/12/2014